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17 Jan 2014 - 12:31am
PinkCoffee's kitchen detail...

January is not over yet, and the first resolution for the new year has already turned into reality. Eventually a bit late, in perfect Italian style, but I did it... finally I live on my own.

It has been more a "Bye bye, wise sister" rather than a "Bye bye, mum". But this is just a detail.

I really want to skip the first few days, which are regular relocation. The fun (and pain) actually happens at the moment one feels more or less "settled". I mean, today, right now, midnight of Friday, January 17th, two thousands and fourteen.

I spent quite some time, during work time, thinking about something in my fridge that I really wanted to eat a certain way. And I got home very motivated, like now-I-put-myself-in-the-bloody-kitchen-and-I-do-...

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