I’m Gisella. Made in Italy, living in Tanzania, loving Japan.

The World. From a blonde's point of view

Living Very Elsewhere

Bracelets & Mouse

My name is Gisella, but people on Internet know me as PinkCoffee. I'm a vagabond geek! I left everything to follow a dream, and now I live in Tanzania. I do websites, I write stories, I shot pictures. Will never stop exploring the World...

If you asked me about my future three years ago, I'd have replied something else. Luckily, nobody asked me such question that time - It would have been awkward, because in the meantime... I changed my mind!


On June 23rd 2005, I dropped my first post "hoping that someone will be brave enough to read my bla-bla". This way, I became a blogger. On January 7th 2009, a virus leveled my laptop. I dropped just some desperate lines, then I disappeared. Promising myself to be back later, having something more interesting than my digital dramas to tell about.

So, here I am. Years are gone - I left my pink-but-ordinary life in Italy, on 3rd July 2010. Destiny wanted me to unplug the cable and fly to Africa. Dar Es Salaam, the biggest city of Tanzania, is now my hometown. This is the place where I settled over the last 2 years: my "cave" is here, my job is here, my friends are here.

Neverthless, freedom of movement is one of the most important goals that I gained in my life. 30th October 2012 is a new milestone in my traveler's diary. On flight from Dar Es Salaam to Tokyo! Just a temporary leave, but also one more dream (the one I raise since I was a kid) made true. What to say... let's see what happens!


This is my way of life. I dare to pick my backpack and move. I take the risk of falling in love with new places, new cultures, new lifestyles. I'm learning day by day how to manage my uncommon-but-still-pink life elsewhere... Sorry. Very elsewhere.

But. My dear reader. Do not expect endless diaries about safaris along unspoilt and wild lands. PinkCoffee is always the same, the most drastic girl-from-the-city. Investigating everyday life in tip of feet, because of her legendary pair of stilettos.

So, you're welcome! Hope you enjoy my story going on...