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2 January 2013 - 9:40pm -- gisella
Gisella's wishing you a Happy New Year!

A light, fluffy feeling in my head...

I got up, and it was lunchtime - January 1st, 2013.
New beginning? Not really, this time. Better to say, the end of a year 100% busy... exploring!
I worked a lot and I traveled far. Then, I'm not done yet.

The last year run away in a while.

I started signing the contract for the job as "boss of the geeks" at Twenty4. My first desk in an advertising agency, not the first as web designer in Africa. So I found myself in a department to run and push to growth. So similar and so different at the same time, compared to the work I left in Italy.

Then, I tried to teach. A few series of workshop about web design, here in Dar Es Salaam, at TANZICT Innovation Hub. Up to a lecture at the University. New experience, I didn't even study to be a teacher... yet, has been so good that I could even repeat. If my strict schedule allows.

August came in a while. With a new crazy idea! I woke up a morning, and I booked a flight to Japan. 100% according to my style. I landed in Tokyo at the beginning of November. And I traveled, completely alone, for 2 unforgettable weeks. To Kyoto, Koya-san and back to Tokyo.

I explored each and every corner of that city, till the very last minute before jumping on the flight back to Tanzania. And be at work, again.

In December, with my sister and my brother in law, I started a new adventure. We opened Green Masai, our restaurant and café in Mikocheni, Dar Es Salaam. I know, it sounds like one of those stories... it's not the infamous "bar on a tropical beach" that many people dream about, but it's that kind of!

At Green Masai I closed the year 2012, with a big party that we didn't even organized - it just came out itself. Today, back at office, starting a new year as "boss of the geeks" at Twenty4. Just a new, brief post-it in my Evernote. A few lines explaining what I'm going to do during the next months, when and how. Top secret, for now...

Happy new year, everybody!