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Forced breaks are not Highlander

9 January 2011 - 11:50am -- gisella
Switching off electricity.

I suppose that an Entity "other" decided that I should have stopped everything and go holidays. Blog dramatically off-line. Electricity up and down, as it was an optional. Another phenomenon of "guest-house effect". And a new trip to Maasailand, at Christmas. Neither a chance of posting wishes. Sorry!

Luckily, forced breaks are not Highlander. Sooner or later, they're over. So... this is it. I don't even know where to start, since too many things happened during the latest weeks. 2010 finally switched off. And here we are, diving into 2011.

Last year kept on kidding me up to the 365th day, the same way it began.

The driver of a bus going to Kilindi District made my life two years shorter, performing a virtuosic backing-down-a-hill at 70km/h. I got the evidence that God exists: I'm still alive to tell about it.

In order of being elegant but comfortable at Christmas, I put on a maxi-skirt long down to feet. Bad choice! Walking to the church, I deforested kilometers of bush, which are actually hanging upside down from its edge.

A couple of maasai girls above any suspicion almost managed to joke me with the trick of the "perfect husby", trying to stick at me the village idiot (and many other respectable specimens) as boyfriend.

During the New Year Night it hasn't been possible for me to find a glass of champagne. Nevertheless, I was wearing a kind of kimono-shirt... which guaranteed a "shy" presence of two Chinese guys looking like cartoons, regularly on the short distance. Surreal. Such as Ahmed the Pakistani ironmonger - which in the meantime keeps on staying all guns blazing about getting married with me.

Despite Tanzanian drivers, maxi-skirts in the bush and wannabe "perfect husbies" - being them Chinese, Pakistani or whatever... new year got off the ground in just an hour.

On January 1st I discovered that I'm able to switch off my neurons and switch them on again, with impressive awareness. On January 2nd I thought that life is beautiful also because fantasy novels, Bollywood movies, Wii and samaki kukanga at Rose Garden exist. On January 3rd I had the chance of extending my holidays, thanks to TANESCO and another recurrent blackout in my office.

Life is going on...
(I wish everybody a 2011 full of great fun!)