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Diet <Code> | CSS. Web made tasty

6 July 2012 - 9:35pm -- gisella
Diet <Code> | CSS. Web made tasty
Here we go with the last Web Design workshop!
Saturday, Jul 7th. Check the program...

Where? / When?

Costech Innovation Space, Sayansi Building, Kijitonyama

Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)
3.00pm - 6.00pm

What are we going to learn?

We'll talk about CSS.
Easy way guaranteed, no complications allowed.

CSS is the language of Web Design. It's used to define the layout of a web page and to style its elements.

Its simple grammar is extremely flexible, and makes it a powerful tool to give a stunning "packaging" to websites.

Materials & Activities

I'll start with a brief intro to CSS - what is it for, what is it possible to do with it, and an overwiev about the syntax.

Then we'll try it out. I'll give a sample homepage, where you'll have the possibility to "inspect" the code... and then try yourself!

I'm also making a small ebook, with all the topics we're going to talk about. Download will be available soon.

Do not forget

Must-have for participants, a laptop and a modem (if the Wifi is not working, we never know). If somebody has Dreamveawer, good that way. Otherwise, any other Open Source editor is good, for instance Notepad++.

You'll also need a browser equipped with Developers Tool. Chrome and IE9 don't need any plugin; if you use Firefox, instead, you need to install the Firebug extension.

Bring also a paper notebook and pen... could be useful.

Who is invited

Designers and developers who want to stay updated, of course. Even people who already know CSS, why not? Some training is always good.

At least a basic knowledge of HTML is advised, in order of making this training as productive as possible.

As usual...

At the end of the training I'll be available to see the projects you're developing, to check togheter how to make them great works!


For more info, just drop me a line at gisella[at]pinkcoffee.it
Waiting for you all!!