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Because, since I started to write about Japan, more and more people is asking me why I don't write about the place where I live. Because, after almost three years, Dar Es Salaam is my city - just for the moment, or forever, it doesn't matter. And because this city, and surroundings, have become... a very good habit!

I'm going to write about the places where I like to go, the events that I never miss, the shopping that I can't resist.

Just a small apologize. This is not a touristic guide, neither a reviews website. It's a blog that I write just for fun. You'll never see votes in "little yellow stars", here. In other words, I give note that I might be not objective... or at least, not objective in the strict meaning of the term.

If you have any comment, amend, note that you want to send me... just drop me a mail :)

Karibu to Dar Es Salaam!

Dar Es Salaam, City Center from the bay
21 May 2013 - 11:42pm

This is the most difficult post that I wrote for my blog, till now. I wanted to give some good reasons to come and live in Dar Es Salaam, but while I was thinking also the bad side of this city came to my mind.

So I decided to put black-on-white everything, the...

White Sands Beach Hotel in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
28 Apr 2013 - 7:20pm

My secret of happiness is to escape early morning... being unavailable before the most of people get off from the Church.

It's a regular Sunday, here in Dar Es Salaam - last weekend of April, the rain season is slowly running to the end. Yet, the real tropical heath is long to come.