Hi, I’m Gisella. This is my old travel diary.

The World. From a blonde's point of view

The way I used to be

My name is Gisella.

I live in Torino, Italy. But things haven't been so quiet for all my life! If you asked me about my future 10 years ago, I'd have replied maybe something like making a family and a career as fashion editor. But nobody asked me such question that time, and in the meantime... I changed my mind!

I left my pink-but-ordinary life in Italy, on 3rd July 2010. Destiny wanted me to unplug the cable and fly to Africa. Dar Es Salaam, the biggest city of Tanzania, has been my hometown for quite a long time, and I settled there for 5 years. Far away from Italy, freedom of movement has become one of the most important values in my life. After some time from my relocation I started to travel as 'solo'. 

30th October 2012 has been the second milestone in my traveler's diary. I spent that day on flight from Dar Es Salaam to Tokyo! Just a temporary leave, but also one more dream (the one I raise since I was a kid) made true. I understood that whas my way of going around to see the world - in fact, many more time traveling on my own brang me around Spain, Italy, Ghana, Tanzania, Norway and Japan again...

I stopped back in Torino in 2015 and finally I started my web consultancy business and got a proper apartment, and since then my travelling life has become more quiet.

This is the blog I used to write during my past adventurous years. Now my life is very different, but I like to keep these memories on the web.