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Blogging from the other side of the World. Because of a stupid accident.

10 December 2010 - 10:14pm -- gisella
My golden stilettos.

Sometime it happens that the most drastic girl-from-the-city falls down from her stilettos. Any girl-from-the-city can confirm that, for sure, breaking your favorite pair of shoes this way... oh my! It could ruin your day at all!

When I fell down from my stilettos, I cried just a bit. Then, I simply put on a pair of flip-flops. I stored my stuff into a pink luggage, and I booked a one-way flight to another town.

Wearing comfortable flip-flops, I visited new places and I met new people. I enjoyed it. So, I arranged a new room and I set my laptop on a new desk. Then, I took out from my luggage something that I brought with me: the most shining stilettos of my collection.

Did I fly to London, Paris or New York? No. No. And no. Where I live now, many streets have no tar. There are shops, parties and Internet connections, of course. But every day you have to make a great effort to put together these gleaming details and too much plate and mud which are in the backstage.   

My new city is Dar Es Salaam, the biggest town of Tanzania. I like it, most of all because of its contradictions. Nothing is obvious here: wealth or poverty, beauty or bleakness, opportunity or challenge. Life has to be faced day by day, and a bit of sense of humor makes it easier.

If you think that a girl with a pair of golden shoes in the middle of Tanzania is simply weird... yes, maybe she is. But her blog is the only chance you have... to "read" Africa from a blonde's point of view