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#TEDxDar | Tanzania got stories to tell

27 November 2011 - 2:38pm -- gisella

The key point of enjoying life in Tanzania is simple. People here got stories to tell.

Take as example that “aged” kid, Erasto Mpemba, who casually noticed that  a glass of hot water freezes faster than a cold one (the Mpemba Effect). It's just fascinating to feel the sense of wonder coming out from his words.

Or John Stephen Akhwari, former marathon runner representing Tanzania at Olympics Games in Mexico City. Stubborn in arriving till the end despite a crashed knee, 'cause "My country did not send me 10,000 miles just to start the race; they sent me to finish the race".

Or Richard Mabala, ex-British (once upon a time...) switched to Tanzanian. Big teacher, multitasking activist, challenging audience with plenty of sense of humor.

And my favorite, “better to be the Pilot rather than the pretty attendant” Susan Mashibe. FAA certified commercial pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, owner of TanJet and Director of Kilimanjaro Aviation Logistic Center. Ah... woman, first of all!

Just a few stories among the ones I discovered at TEDxDar.

Until a couple of months ago, I didn't have idea about TEDx events. To be honest, the “shape” of a TEDx has been a mystery to me till yesterday. But after my first time at TEDxDar, it turned into love at the first sight!

As for many stuff happening here around, it jumped a day into my before-breakfast Twitter stream. Bouncing from user to user that kinda “Cluedo question” … Who killed Zinjanthropus? What to say. To me, with my habit of digging everytime / everywhere 'cause Dar Es Salaam is a big box of surprises. Just terribly curious.

During the last one year and a half of my life, trying to set my life here between unpredictable up and down moments, I often asked myself “Why Tanzania? What were you thinking about while paying that damned one-way flight? Why does it seem all so fool sometimes? What the hell are you doing here?”.

So that an event with such a metaphoric question as title became a reason good enough to wake-up, get dressed and rally-drive across the city on Saturday morning,  after the nth absolutely off-standard week.  

Straight to the point. I spent one of the most pleasant Saturdays since I'm here, getting literally lost in a well organized event, engaging and rich in contents' quality. It worths to talk about it, most of all because it shows that “other” face of Africa made of ideas and inspiring personalities. But also of people able to put them together, successfully.

Over of the stereotypes of poverty and mass-tourism, I discovered something responding literally to the definition of Tanzania as a developing Country. Which means citizens walking towards growth – social and economic movement, the reasons because I chose to come running here rather than... keep chilling on my sofa Up There!

I took a breath at the end of the day, closing my eyes over the “highlander” Bi.Kidude's music, just happy to be here (in this corner of the World, sometimes so imperfect and complicated) right now.

TEDxDar took place on Nov 26th, 2011
National Museum, Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)
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