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Things one tells later

24 April 2011 - 2:20pm -- gisella
PinkCoffee. 30 years old.

Just a question mark, among lots of question marks, which you could ask me. A little secret game of my "too-pink-much-geek" mind. How do I figure Apocalypse?

Reply n° 1: Apocalypse is like an Internet blackout.

For me (for most of my friends) it would mean to kill The Damned Avatar. That other devilish ourselves, which you never know if it is real or not, messing up  our lives telling everything - and too much - about our business on Facebook, Twitter and similar.

And just a good reason, among lots of good reasons, to make a little Apocalypse killing The Damned Avatar. A couple of stuff changing once more in your life, so that you don't know where you're going. If you don't know, why should people do?

That's what's happening, again. Me and My Damned Avatar have been unusually silent. Not really because of  a nothing-to-say moment. We've been busy enjoying some things that we'll tell later. Just the time to live some more minutes and hours and days till the end, without any update-update raptus… Why not?

Reply n° 2: Apocalypse is like a crucial birthday.

In the meantime, I jumped the Big Age Edge. To be honest. I still don't have idea of what the hell does it mean, but finally I'm a 30-year lady.

I can't stop looking at the latest pictures of me, again and again. To find out something. Maybe some traces of my latest ten months. The first ten months of real revolution in my life!

There's one of these images, come out unexpectedly among hundreds of files, that I love more than the others. I don't know the person who did that shot - an anonymous photographer who has been able to tell a weird story, without even being aware about the existence of a weird story. Have a look!

I'm still in Tanzania. No huts, no savannah, no safari. Just the big city Dar Es Salaam, and the 30-years-old me. I confirm, once more, that there are many things that My Damned Avatar will be allowed to tell with a certain delay. For now, just try to figure out the weird story behind the picture...