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Waiting for the Big Week

3 November 2011 - 2:26pm -- gisella
In my laptop, one week before Swahili Fashion Week.

Oooops! Sorry, I've been in the fitting room. I tried out almost all the clothes available in the shop, until I found something that maybe looks good on me.

It has been a great adventure for real, there in the fitting room. I saw myself in the mirror, wearing any kind of stuff - too large and too skinny, too colorful and too black/white, too expensive and too cheap...

And in the end. Off for a while! Ok, people. I can't tell everything digging till the bottom of the bag. Better that dirty hankies and empty lipsticks stay there, where they're supposed to be (eheheh!). Just know this. I spent my time putting my cheeky mug in every corner of this city. 'Cause it's worth sometimes to strip down the toy and see how's inside. What did I found?  

I accidentally walk over a key, and I stumbled against a door. Somebody heard noise and opened. “Are you looking for a geek girl sick about pink stuff, by chance?” I asked. “Yes!” they replied. So, here I am, in one of the latest looks I'm trying out.

I'm sitting in the backstage of the Swahili Fashion Week, with a MacBook on my knees. I make it happens through the code lines scrolling on the screen. Call me digital nomad or eccentric nerd. I am the web-girl of one of the most important fashion events here around... a typical (or critical?) situation of mine.

Less than a week before the Big Week, people! Much work, here. Much adrenaline. Focused on my role, and also focused on... ehm, not to die. Everything is happening so fast these days. They pick and move me and my laptop here and there, without rest.

I'm going to put black on white all I can, about this kinda... accident. Promised. In the meantime let me have a last look around the shop, just to be sure that my credit card is going to be used... properly. Then, I'll pay the bill.