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Ginza. Ladies' Night Out!

2 February 2013 - 12:07am -- gisella
Taxi in Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza has been just the first of many changes of plan that I did... following my (ehm) stomach. Another memorable place, done for lovers of excellent griffes and high fashion - yes, call me and I'm there in three seconds.

The original idea was to get there at mid-morning, and to take my time to explore certain key shops such as the Shiseido House and the Apple Store. Classic way. Even a bit grind.

But it happened differently.

Ginza is the place where classy ladies love to spend their free time, maybe eating something tasty in a very elegant restaurant. If I remember well, once I read on a blog something like: "... so, when you go to Ginza, you'll easily spot lot of very-well-dressed-women-tasting-a-tea-in-a-very-expensive-café".

The point is... why just to go there and look at the posh-thing, when you can indulge and be into the posh-thing for a while? I think I've been lucky, because in the end I did exactly this way. I took off my backpack a bon-ton burgundy sweater, I put on a nice make up, I took the Ginza Line Metro...

... and I re-emerged in front of the Wako Store. That very iconic one, founded by Kintarō Hattori aka Mr. Seiko, with the clock tower singing (right?!) like the Big Ben.

It was around 8.30pm. Ginza's early evening is made of suffused lights and glossy black taxis parked in front of amazing boutiques. It's crowdy, but even the noise of thousands steps on the pavements sounds soft and pale, like stilettos on a red carpet.

Here I met my first Japanese friend. Junko, one of the kindest persons I've ever talked with. Strictly in Italian! "Ciao, tu sei Gisella vero?"... and the Ladies' Night Out was on! Finally, I switched off Google Maps and I followed her steps - my nose up to the sky, breathing the fresh November air.

We spent some hours gossiping about (her) Italy and (my) Africa, in front of some good food, sweets and a stunning glass of Japanese wine - seriously, this is a topic that is worthing more attention! Next to the goodbye, a plan to meet again to go to a tea ceremony, after my trip to Kyoto.

Even this is Tokyo, from the point of view of a lady sitting at an exceptionally smooth table, in quite a remarkable restaurant, in the heart of Ginza. Me.

Wako Store in Ginza, Tokyo
Taxi in Ginza, Tokyo
Shop in Ginza, Tokyo
Shiseido House in Ginza, Tokyo
Cafés in Ginza, Tokyo
Shops and lights in Ginza, Tokyo