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Head up! And feet down, in the White Sands

28 April 2013 - 7:20pm -- gisella
White Sands Dar Es Salaam
White Sands Beach Hotel in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

My secret of happiness is to escape early morning... being unavailable before the most of people get off from the Church.

White Sands Beach Hotel in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)It's a regular Sunday, here in Dar Es Salaam - last weekend of April, the rain season is slowly running to the end. Yet, the real tropical heath is long to come.

It's the end of a long, busy, not-exactly-perfect week... one of those typical urban African weeks, when you get up at morning and you just know that you have to run to survive. Ehm. Yes. Like that famous advertising used to say.

White Sands Beach Hotel in Dar Es Salaam, TanzaniaAnyway, right today I decided to pull the brake. And I came here, at White Sands, one of my favourite beaches, just a little away from town. I've been the first guest to get in, around 9.00am. The staff was still arranging the pool side. The breeze was still quite cold, a breath of fresh air that I enjoyed half-sleeping on a soft beach bed.

White Sands Beach Hotel in Dar Es SalaamTill the place has become sunny and quite animated. Time to took off the clothes, dusty like everything along these roads, and to check if the pool was blue enough - swimming back and forth, after too many rainy weekends, really makes sense. These days the sun is not burning yet, and that's quite fine as the very beginning of a new high season.

Honestly. I lost the sense of time, and I'm not going to check the clock. Just some more swimming pool, some more sun, and at least a snack and a mojito. Done!